DATANG DAN KUNJUNGI SEKARANG JUGA. WISATA BAHARI LAMONGAN(WBL), Tempat Habiskan Waktu Berlibur Bersama Keluarga atau Orang Terdekat Anda dengan Landscape Terluas dan Panorama Paling Eksotis Dilengkapi Wahana Hiburan Paling Dramatis Sepanjang Pesisir Pantai Jawa Utara


System means that: - Type of Unit

- A Plan

a. Type of Unit;

System as a type of unit is a unit that has a certain order. Order here refers to a structure composed of the parts or sub-sub-structure.

b. A plan;

System plan as a means or procedure methode is to grind.

Thus, the general understanding of the system is a unity that is complex and consists of the parts related to one another has a way with the work of a certain constant.

c. The basic

The system is oriented to the goal
The whole is more than just the number of parts
System that interact with the system that the larger environment
Bekerjanya parts of the system is creating a valuable
Each part must be matched to one another
Have binding force unifier of the system
B. Legal System

Understanding of the legal system itself, according to Bellefroid, unity is a series of rules of law which are orderly arranged according to the principle of-principle.

While the principle-the principle of law itself is expressed by Fuller to 8 in principle, which he called the Legality of Prinsiples namely:

A legal system must contain rules and regulations (not just the decision of an ad hoc / temporary and only affairs)
Regulations have been made must be announced
May not have the retroactive regulations
Regulations have to be developed in a language easily understood
A system may not contain the rules that contradict each other
Regulations may not contain claims that exceed what can be done
There can be no habit to frequent change-change the rules so that someone will lose their orientation.
There must be congruence between the rules - rules which stipulated the implementation of day-to-day.
From these descriptions dapatlah said that that the legal system to include in the legal dogmatic science (science that break from the law that describes the current understanding-understanding of the law and regulations and set up according to the principle of rule of law-principle in a legal system)

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